Color Matching Technology for the 21st Century

For decades, the paint industry has searched for an accurate, inexpensive, and simple DIY color matching tool. That effort has given birth to costly portable spectrophotometers, unreliable scanners, and mobile apps that merely provide a guesstimate.  Unfortunately, nothing fit the bill until the arrival of the Infinity Color Matching System (ICMSTM).

Made possible by our patented algorithm (IC-EngineTM), ICMSTM utilizes a mobile app and a printed card (IC-WheelTM) to instantly identify the closest matching paint to any color sample with 98.8% accuracy.  But that’s not all.  ICMSTM is easy-to-use, requires no maintenance or upkeep, and most importantly, costs pennies to produce.  Nothing else compares!

With ICMSTM, there are no more time-consuming trips to the store to bring in paint samples.  No more guessing over a handful of color swatches.  No more expensive returns or exchanges.  And finally, thanks to the branding capability of the IC-WheelTM, you will have a constant and powerful advertising presence among millions of users.